Friday, October 9, 2009

The Wall Wins Everytime

I got a call from Olivia's school yesterday morning "just to let me know" that Olivia had gotten tripped up while walking and a fight ensued between her head and the wall. Apparently, the wall won. As it does EVERY.TIME. Darn those solid surfaces. Oh well, it certainly isn't our first bruise and it definitely won't be our last. At least the good news, as I am told, is that she cried for about two seconds, then immediately went back to playing, wall line on her forehead and all. At least we've got a tough one on our hands.

(Please ignore my filthy child; this girl loves her some broccoli-rice.)

Can you tell what a perfect line the bruise is?

Ah well, at least she's happy!

And just because he's so stinkin cute...
He absolutely loves to help me in the kitchen, though Nick is cursing me for buying a stool that raises him up to counter-height where he can reach pretty much anything. Even knives. And the stove. I know, I know... Parents of the Year, right?


Lorin said...

Your kids are so big!! (and cute to boot!)

brandonandmandycox said...

im impressed with your fancy new blog background! it looks good!

abby said...

ditto amanda about your fancy new blog. And those kids are REALLY stinkin cute. :)