Saturday, October 31, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

On Wednesday night, some girls from our BFG headed out to see the So You Think You Can Dance LIVE tour. These were the Top 10 Finalists from Season 5. It was at Nokia Theatre in Grand Prairie and we had such a good time. And, I'll admit, I didn't watch last season of the show (or any season, for that matter) but I enjoy dancing/dance competitions as much as the next girl, so I knew I would love the show and I did. And although I was unable to do some of the routines count-by-count from the comfort of my seat unlike the row of women in front of us, I don't think I could have enjoyed it more.

Dinner table pics before the show:

Kelly, Loree, and Melissa

Jessica, Carrie, and Karla

Manda, me (seriously, why am I sitting like that?), and Andrea

How's that for a group picture? I swear Jessica and I are in there somewhere. And now you know why the Manager of On The Border in Irving, Texas, is in food service and not photography. Sheesh... worst camera angle ever, maybe?

Right before the show started; Jessica, me, Andrea

Manda & Karla, showing off thier handicapped seats with their ample leg room and easy access to the restrooms (cheeseball alert: I didn't ask them to hold their tickets up like this, I raised my camera to snap a photo and up went the tickets)

Thanks to Loree for extending the invitation to the whole class to go; I'm so glad I went. I hope the tour comes back to Dallas next year!

Friday, October 30, 2009

DLC Halloween Carnival

Last night we went to the Halloween Carnival at the kids' school. It was a blast! I remember doing things like this when I was a kid--going from room to room, putting tickets in a pumpkin just to have my chance at tossing a bean bag or participating in a cake walk--and I think it might have been more fun to experience it as a parent through my child's eyes. Carter thought he was Mister Big Pants getting to do as many activities as he wanted and getting doted on by all the staff as the "cutest pirate ever!" And he was. And Olivia? Definitely the most precious fifties girl there ever was.

This morning as we were getting ready for school/work, Carter said, "Mommy, I'm going to put on my pirate costume and you and Daddy going to go to school with me again today?" I had to remind him that the carnival was a once-a-year thing, and he was really sad for about a half a second until I reminded him that it was party day at his school and that there would be pizza and candy. He sure is loving this Halloween thing and mommy is definitely getting her money's worth out of this pirate costume! And now for the pics...

Pumpkin bowling, "bobbing" for worms in a sea of whipped cream, ghost toss, and bean-bag knock over Frankenstein.

His teacher, his favorite, Ms. April.

Had to snap a shot with Mommy!
(this picture makes me realize that with a few alterations, I might could turn this costume into Aladdin next year)

Past her bedtime, but having a blast on Daddy's hip.

Ms. Whitney (pumpkin) and Ms. Etta (witch)
Both of these fine ladies have been Carter's teacher at one time while in the twos this year... a picture's worth a thousand words, right? This explains A LOT. ;-)

Miss Priss cheesing it up waiting for her hot dog

So a dragon and a pirate walk into a bar...

"Carter, give sissy a hug."
(not exactly the Kodak moment I pictured in my head)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Harvest Party

We had a great time on Saturday at the annual Baller BFG* Harvest Party. We dressed the kids up in their costumes and enjoyed a night of potluck soups & stews, roasting marshmallows for smores and fellowship with friends. A big thanks goes out to The Cox Family for hosting.

This was the best we could get for a family shot. I'm looking at another camera entirely, but I've learned it doesn't really matter what Nick or I look like in pictures anymore as long as the kids are facing forward, not crying and hopefully smiling.

Didn't Gigi do a fantastic job on Livvy's poodle skirt? I can't wait to put her in it again on Halloween and take more pictures. I didn't get a picture of our little pirate by himself, but I will.

Isn't this the most precious... shrimp?... fish?... um, Ebby Lee costume that you've ever seen?

Not the greatest picture, I know, but it was before I snapped it, I promise. Carter & Mackie were sitting right next to each other watching tv with their heads turned at exactly the same angle. They are only a month apart and have a great time together at church and at BFG* gatherings.

*BFG=Bible Fellowship Group (apparently, it's not cool to call them Sunday school classes any more)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

School Pictures

A few times a year, a photography company comes to the children's school (daycare) and takes photos of the kids. Then, the parent gets a proof back to decide if they would like to purchase said pictures. Well, usually, I pass on the opportunity because the prices are ridiculous compared to what I pay at a studio. This time, however, I could not pass. As stated in a previous post, I think Carter *may* be coming out of his no-smiling-for-the-camera phase, so when I see a good one, I snatch it up. And Olivia's turned out good, so I had to buy a package of hers as well. These were taken in early September. I apologize for the quality; I had to scan a wallet size photo.

Carter, 2 years 10 months old

Olivia, 13 months old

Friday, October 16, 2009

He's Here!

Cohen John Bruner was born last night at 7:55 pm. He weighed 7 lbs 3 oz and was 19 3/4" long. He's got a beautifully round face and a head with blonde peach fuzz. He's the perfect mixture of Michael & Amber, absolutely precious. Congrats to the Bruner family, all three of them.

P.S. This is only one picture to tide you over until Amber gets more up on her blog. Between Michael, Amber's sister & Amber's mom, I'm sure there were no less than 1,218 pictures taken yesterday.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

13 Months

Last month we had Olivia's one year old portraits taken. And by "one year old portraits taken" I mean we ran up to our local JCPenney Portrait Studio one weekend once we realized she was 13 months old and not getting any younger, just to document her at this age. We usually go all out when it comes to portraits, but we wanted to save a little dough since we know we will be doing more extensive portraits with both kids next month at our favorite portrait studio. Anyway, you can see one of the pictures in my new header, but this is the other one.

Doesn't she just melt your heart?

Love this girl.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

For Cohen

Well, I'm pretty sure that my buddy Amber dropped off the face of the blogging world, but with hope that she might return with pictures of one awesome nursery and a baby in just a few short days, I'll had to show you this because it is just SO.DARN.CUTE!

We applied this Uppercase Living monogram to the nursery wall a couple of weekends ago, and Daddy (aka Michael) had the bright idea to hang the adorable Pottery Barn Kids wooden bat right below it. You can't really tell in this crappy camera-phone picture, but the wall is painted in alternating matte/glossy stripes of the same navy paint color. Add some super-cute accents that Amber has picked up throughout the pregnancy and you have one precious nursery.

I can't wait for Amber to show you the rest of the room, and I REALLY can't wait for Mr. Cohen to arrive!

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Wall Wins Everytime

I got a call from Olivia's school yesterday morning "just to let me know" that Olivia had gotten tripped up while walking and a fight ensued between her head and the wall. Apparently, the wall won. As it does EVERY.TIME. Darn those solid surfaces. Oh well, it certainly isn't our first bruise and it definitely won't be our last. At least the good news, as I am told, is that she cried for about two seconds, then immediately went back to playing, wall line on her forehead and all. At least we've got a tough one on our hands.

(Please ignore my filthy child; this girl loves her some broccoli-rice.)

Can you tell what a perfect line the bruise is?

Ah well, at least she's happy!

And just because he's so stinkin cute...
He absolutely loves to help me in the kitchen, though Nick is cursing me for buying a stool that raises him up to counter-height where he can reach pretty much anything. Even knives. And the stove. I know, I know... Parents of the Year, right?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

(sorry for the crappy picture quality; this was taken on my phone)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Whose Children Are These?


When did this one get so big?

And when did this one grow out of his camera-shy phase?

Before you know it, they'll be getting their driver's licences and going off to college.