Thursday, April 30, 2009

Relay for Life

Last Friday night I participated in Relay for Life along with about 11 other girls from our BFG. Our team was called Manda Strong in honor of our friend, Manda Maxwell. Manda wasn't able to be there due to currently undergoing treatment in Houston, but her husband, Aaron, her son, Aiden, and a few other family members of hers were there to show their support. We walked, talked, walked, sold cotton candy (yeah, you heard me right), and then we walked a little more. Despite the torrential winds that threatened to make a mess out of our evening, we had a great time and raised money for an even greater cause. Many thanks to Laura for coordinating our team, by the way.

Abby & Leah Curley

The Baller Family recording a video message for Manda

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We had a great Easter, even though the activities weren't that much different than any other Sunday for the Eason family. We started off with a trip to church where Nick and I helped in the childrens building for a few hours after attending the early service. The weather (as most of you experienced) was super rainy and rather dreary, so we hurried over to Gigi & PawPaw's house for a big family lunch and a relaxing afternoon. If I had known the weather was going to turn out as nice as it did by the end of the day, we probably would have hunted for eggs afterall. But a little rain sure wasn't going to stop the Easter bunny for bringing Carter & Olivia their Easter "baskets" full of fruit snacks, Sesame Street books & other goodies the bunny found in the dollar section of Target. I'm just guessing.

And even though I KNOW I am not, I feel like I am the only mom in the universe that has trouble getting both her children in one picture. Just try to coordinate the efforts of a 2 1/2 year old with a mind of his own and an 8 month old that wants nothing more than the digital hardware in your hands. The result? Two separate pictures of my children on all the major holidays. Happy Easter!

See? I told you. Camera up = baby attack


Cousin Jenny getting Olivia to walk. Can you believe those thighs?

And this is the best one I got of my little man, with his Easter basket.

A Dino-mite Birthday Party

We celebrated the birthday of our friend, Blake, at the Museum of Science & History this past Saturday. The festivities involved a dinosaur dig for fossils, making our own Apotasaurus, eating a yummy dinosaur cake and playing in the Science Place after the party. Carter (and Daddy) had a great time checking out all the exhibits. We'll definitely be going back some time in the future.

Digging for fossils

Generating energy/heat, shown on a monitor above
Doing whatever the heck Daddy was doing

Waiting for the sneeze; not the best spot to be, in my opinion

Helen said this was not an elephant, but a mammoth, rather.


Better when wearing the fireman gear

My astronauts

Proof: Mommy & Olivia were there too!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Star of the Week

Carter was "Star of the Week" at school this past week. This means that Carter Mommy had to make an "All About Me" board to share with the class in circle time on Monday, and the board would be displayed in his classroom window all week. Even though I had to do some work from home on Sunday night and didn't get started on the board until almost 10 pm and made a huge mess, it was worth it to see Carter so proud of his board and to have everyone at the daycare tell me how his was the best they'd ever seen. Mission: accomplished.

Progress, ignore the bags under my eyes and the mess on the table.

That'll do.

(Cheese alert:) He's my STAR every week!