Thursday, April 30, 2009

Relay for Life

Last Friday night I participated in Relay for Life along with about 11 other girls from our BFG. Our team was called Manda Strong in honor of our friend, Manda Maxwell. Manda wasn't able to be there due to currently undergoing treatment in Houston, but her husband, Aaron, her son, Aiden, and a few other family members of hers were there to show their support. We walked, talked, walked, sold cotton candy (yeah, you heard me right), and then we walked a little more. Despite the torrential winds that threatened to make a mess out of our evening, we had a great time and raised money for an even greater cause. Many thanks to Laura for coordinating our team, by the way.

Abby & Leah Curley

The Baller Family recording a video message for Manda

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