Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Short & Sweet

Two small updates for you today.  I'll be back soon with better blog fodder (and pictures!)  But for now:

1. The consignment sale was a success!  I sold 146 items for a total of $321.75.  Even though I already spent a little of my earnings on more (previously owned) clothes for the kids, I can't wait for the check to come in so I can finish out their summer wardrobe.  Hard work definitely paid off.

2. We played our first softball game last night.  Guess who got to play catcher?  Yup, that'd be me.  I came home with [only] one new bruise and woke up this morning barely able to sit down (and stand up and sit down again) from all that squatting.  But hey, sore muscles mean I actually got a bit of a workout, which I'm proud of. And I didn't strike out once.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Put me in Coach!

Nick and I have joined our company sponsored co-ed softball team.  Though Nick has been playing on men's softball teams for several seasons now, I have not actually played on an organized team since, oh... about 20 years ago.  Now I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Rubies and Suns in those early years (and might even be able to dig up some certifiably awesome team photos some day soon) but I really have no idea what I was thinking when I said this out-of-shape adult body of mine would actually pick up a glove and a bat and play.  At least I didn't promise not to make a complete fool out of myself.

We had our first practice last night, and I only have one small shin bruise to show for it.  Considering it's about the same amount of injury I incur on a daily basis from running into shelves & end tables, I consider that a raving success.  Sure, I have some sore muscles in my back and arms today, but I'm certain those will go away real soon. (Must.Get.Lighter.Bat)

So, nothing real important to report, yet, but if you happen to think of me on Monday nights for the next couple of months:

1. Cross your fingers that I'm not hurt.
2. Don't laugh.


Monday, March 15, 2010

And so...

... begins...


Wish me luck!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

What's that?

Carter and I went to Target this afternoon (as we do almost every Saturday). And of course, we ended up in the toy section (as we do every trip). I usually let him walk the toy aisles looking at everything he wants and so far I've been lucky enough to leave most days with a simple pick from the dollar section in the front of the store.

Anyway, his new favorite thing in the toys where he spends the most time is the small, real-life animal replicas. Not sure if you've seen them or not but other than thier miniature size, they are actually quite real looking and very good representations. So we're looking at all the animals (each and every single one) naming them and talking about the animal. We come across this animal:

So I ask Carter if he knows what if is.

He says "yeah. It's a yak."

Now you know I'm all about keeping it real on this here blog so I will admit that I had to look up yak on wikipedia because, though I've heard of them, I didn't know if he was even remotely close. Turns out, he was.

Seriously though, where in the world does he come up with this stuff?

You better believe that tomorrow at Sunday lunch, I will have Pawpaw explain the difference between a cow, a bull and a yak.

Right after I google meerkat.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Thirty Four Years!

Today is my parents' 34th wedding anniversary.  I remember when I was little, my mom had a way for me to remember the date.  She said, just think of the trinity (3) and the disciples (12).  To this day, I still think of that when their anniversary rolls around.

I am truly blessed to have these two wonderful people as my parents and am thankful daily for the example they have set on what a marriage commitment looks like.  Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Catch-up & Pigtails

(Even though Abby is claiming to be the "loser of bloggerville", I think I could give her a good run for her money these days with my blogging frequency, or lack thereof.)

It seems as though so much has been going on lately, yet nothing at all.  Or at least nothing interesting enough to blog about.  But in true Lori fashion, I will try.  (And I even threw in a whole new blog look for those of you still not brave enough to try out Google Reader despite my best efforts to convince you otherwise.)

And rather than one huge post about the awesomeness that is Eason life these days, I'll spare you the details and try to post several much smaller posts over the next few days.  Try being the operative word here.

Now I suspect that my daughter is like other 19 month old girls out there (gah! 19 months?!) in that she HATES having her hair brushed, combed or even messed with.  She is a fan of the bow if you consider that it's just So.Much.Fun.to take it in and out of her own hair and not actually leave it there for any extended period of time.  This past Sunday before church, I was feeling particularly brave creative, so I decided to grace the world with the awesomeness that is Olivia's first pigtails.  This was no easy feat, I tell you.  There was screaming, crying, and gnashing of teeth.  And Olivia was pretty upset too. But in the end, we made it out alive and the plethora of comments we received at church and throughout the day were well worth it, in my opinion. (Seriously? What mom doesn't like to be told just how cute! and old! and precious! their child looks?)

Exhibit A:
I realize the picture is rather grainy, but hey, you take what you can get on a Sunday morning at 8:20 when you're trying to make it out of the house to arrive at church--10 minutes away--by 8:30.

Exhibit B:
By this point she had totally caught on to the fact that I thought she was cute. I call this pose: SASSY!

Exhibit C:
Even with this ridiculously un-cute face she's making while saying "CHEESE" in her biggest voice, still... the piggies? Love them.