Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Short & Sweet

Two small updates for you today.  I'll be back soon with better blog fodder (and pictures!)  But for now:

1. The consignment sale was a success!  I sold 146 items for a total of $321.75.  Even though I already spent a little of my earnings on more (previously owned) clothes for the kids, I can't wait for the check to come in so I can finish out their summer wardrobe.  Hard work definitely paid off.

2. We played our first softball game last night.  Guess who got to play catcher?  Yup, that'd be me.  I came home with [only] one new bruise and woke up this morning barely able to sit down (and stand up and sit down again) from all that squatting.  But hey, sore muscles mean I actually got a bit of a workout, which I'm proud of. And I didn't strike out once.



Haley said...

1. I have GOT to find a consignment sale around here. I could definitely use an extra $300. Good job!

2. CATCHER?!?!? That's a big job! You're so important. :) That position will definitely work out your bottom half. Congratulations on no strike outs! Did you get up to bat? Oh, I'm kidding! :)

Endsley Family said...

You go girl!!! I took the kids walking today and so many people were out jogging and I just couldn't fathon the idea of that, jogging that is...although I so need to get myself in shape!! So good for you playing softball! I'm sure y'all had a great time!

abby said...

squatting rocks!