Friday, April 2, 2010

VALUE, $2.99

Last night, I was on my own with the kids as Nick had a softball game.  We were headed to my nephew, Jackson's, school play, so I had about 15 minutes to pick up the kids and feed them dinner before heading north to Anna.  So I did what any healthy, responsible, caring mom would do.

I took the kids to Wendy's.

Anyway, while we were eating at our table, I noticed Carter was looking over my shoulder.  Then, all of a sudden, he says, "V-A-L-U-E" (spelling the word, one letter at a time).  I turn around to see this on the window behind me:

Now, I do understand that the V, A, & U are not technically backwards, but still.  He totally surprised me by reciting each and every letter in the order of how the word is spelled, rather than how it appeared [left to right] on the window.

Then, he proceeds to tell me "two ninety-nine."  I mean, he knows his numbers, he has for quite some time, but this was the first I had actually heard him say ninety-nine as one number (99) rather than nine & nine as two numbers that were simply close together.

I get it. I realize that this is not earth-shattering intelligence by any stretch of the imagination.  But this boy constantly surprises me with his observations, and being that I blog to document our day to day lives, well... this is it.


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Haley said...

Impressive! Smarty pants