Monday, November 24, 2008

Showered with Love

Okay, so maybe I’m just not cut out for this whole blogging thing. I just can’t seem to keep up. I always seem to be running on about a 10 day delay. But as they say, better late than never, right?

Two weekends ago was a bridal shower for one of my best friends, Rachel Davis (soon to be Rachel Pittman). Shevin and Jacqueline were the absolute best co-hostesses ever, and thanks to things like my grandmother’s antique milk-glass, Jac’s superb mimosas & party planner skills and Shev’s Martha Stewart-like flower arrangements & invitations, the shower went on without a hitch and could not have turned out more beautifully for our dear friend. It was in the gallery at the McKinney Performing Arts Center, formerly the vault of the old courthouse in downtown McKinney. And don’t worry Jac, they didn’t charge us for the artwork that managed to jump off the wall while you were standing right underneath it. Here are some pictures from the shower.

The spread… fruit kabobs, sausage croissants, and quiche, oh my!

The hostesses and bride-to-be: Shevin, Jacqueline, Rachel & myself.

Rachel thoroughly enjoyed the game where we asked her questions about Ryan and their relationship then we compared it to his previously recorded answers.

The Mothers...

The cake was yummy. (Thanks again to Whitney for turning me on to the most affordable cake lady in McKinney, aka Melissa at Kroger on Lake Forest.)

So congratulations again Rachie! I’m so happy for you and Ryan and can’t hardly wait for the big day!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Taggy McTaggerson, I've been tagged.

8 T.V. Shows I love to watch:
1. How I Met Your Mother
2. The Big Bang Theory
3. House
4. The Biggest Loser
5. ER
6. Law & Order: SVU
7. Project Runway
8. The Hills (I know, I know)

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. Saltgrass
2. Chili's
3. Buffalo Wild Wings
4. El Fenix
5. Pei Wei
6. Olive Garden
7. Chick Fil A (if you want to call this a "restaurant")
8. Cheddars

8 Things that happened today:
1. Got a 52 oz Diet Coke from Quick Trip
2. Communted to and from work with Nick
3. Had a conference call with a punk sales rep in Wisconsin
4. The kids had their pictures taken with Santa at Discovery
5. [just found out] I won an auction on ebay... 8 baby sleepers NWT for only 4.99!
6. Was told by the daycare that Carter had a bad day, why does this kid keep biting other kids?
7. Bathed both children and put them to bed by myself, thanks to flag football
8. Drank two large glasses of milk (if you know me, you know how weird this really is)

8 Things I am looking forward to:
1. Cooking for DNow this weekend; it brings back fond memories of my time in the youth group
2. Thanksgiving Day and looking at all the Black Friday circulars
3. Black Friday!!!
4. Many baby showers in the coming months starting with Rachel & Jaxson's on Saturday
5. Christmas
6. Two potty trained children
7. Date night with my hubby
8. Rachel & Ryan's wedding

8 Things on my Wishlist:
1. A bigger house in a few years
2. A two year old that doesn't bite
3. A smaller waistline
4. Another dog, but smaller this time
5. Texas Rangers in the World Series someday
6. A video camera
7. A regular cleaning lady (and the money to afford her)
8. A happy, healthy family

8 people I tag:
1. Haley
2. Lorin
3. Amanda
4. Misty
5. Jennifer
6. Leslie
7. Elyse
8. Shelly

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Elmo (in pastry form, that is)

So as you'll see from my previous post, we had a Sesame Street theme for Carter's 2nd Birthday Party. I'm sure I could have picked up a Sesame Street cake from just about any bakery, but for some reason, I got the itch to make Carter an Elmo cake myself. And after all the time and energy I put into this thing, I'd say it's deserving of its very own post.

I found an Elmo cake pan online, and despite the seemingly intricate, difficult decorating instructions, I wanted to try it anyway. I bought the pan and all the various cake decorating items that I would need (tips, parchment bags, cornstarch, icing dye-not just food coloring, etc., etc.). I decided to make it two days before Carter's birthday so that in the event of a total flop, I would still have time to purchase something else pre-made. All in all, it probably took me about a total of 5 or 6 hours and WAY more money than a sheet cake would have cost, but it was all worth it to see the look on Carter's face when he saw Elmo. And I just might have picked up a new hobby in the process.

Alright, here's the cake after only icing the mouth and nose. I dyed the cake mix red because, well, Elmo's insides are red too, right?

The star-tipped decorating has begun...

Almost done...

Finally finished!!!

So proud of my accomplishment. Don't I look exhausted?

Since I didn't think the cake would feed everyone at the party, I decided to make some cupcakes to go along with it, complete with candied Elmo decorations, of course. And although Carter wasn't able to help with the actual cake because I wanted it to be a surprise, he was able to be my helper in the kitchen the following night for round two: cupcakes. These weren't hard at all to make, but adding a two year old to the mix of cake batter, a hot oven and a wobbly stool can make anything difficult.

It was worth it though; as you can see, licking the spatula was his favorite part. (And yes, he is wearing his Elmo shirt too. Seriously... can't get enough of that zany puppet.)

My baby is 2!

(posting 10 days late again, but...) My little Carter-man turned two years old on November 2nd. Like all other parents, I have no idea where the time has gone and can't believe it's been two years already. I still remember so many moments from his first year as if they just happened yesterday. And even though the terrible twos set in early (and will no doubt continue into his threes), I still am reminded each day how lucky I am to have such a happy, healthy, terrifically quirky son. All those times of not obeying, not making it to the potty in time, accidentally throwing something at his sister, running into the street or busy parking lot, etc. all fade away when he opens his arms wide and looks at me and says "Mommy! Hugs." or "Mommy! Kisses." When those little arms squeeze my neck, I melt. OH how I love him so.

I don't have any of his 2 year stats yet because his checkup is next week, but we did have one awesome Sesame Street party at the Allen Natatorium the day before his birthday, so I'm happy to share some pics from that. He had a blast!

The Birthday Boy!

One of his favorite presents, ELMO!

What you can't see in this picture is that there is a cupcake underneath there...

All kids love balloons, right?

Splashin' fun with Blake!

Olivia enjoyed watching the fun from the bench, just hanging out with Gigi and Aunt Mindi.

More spectators: Aunt Belinda, Cousin Kalli, Aunt Mindi, and PawPaw.

Trying to contain this kid in a swimming pool is about as easy as wrestling an alligator.

And, of course, the family shot.

Happy Birthday my little man!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Halloween! err... 10 days ago.

I know, I know... I'm soo behind here. Halloween was over a week ago, and I'm just now getting to it. But Carter's 2nd Birthday party was the next day (blog post to follow) and last week was CRAZY at work with a physical inventory and whatnot. Please forgive me.

So, in an effort to keep it short, and also because we didn't do anything more special than trick or treating in downtown McKinney followed by Chinese takeout, I'll just post some pictures of the evening. Carter had a blast (once we let him out of the stroller and he was able to run free in the streets) and Olivia could have cared less. Despite the fact that we really wanted Carter to be Cookie Monster, he had other plans and opted for Superman instead. And because Olivia was not having her pumpkin costume (see previous October post), we were able to get away with a pumpkin onsie and a big bow. Perfect.

Our attempt at a family photo... pretty awesome huh?

Oh and Gigi went with us too!

Hope everyone had a great night and got a good loot of sugar!