Tuesday, June 29, 2010

We're Baaack...

I have so much to say about our trip and SOOOO many photos to share, but unfortunately, I returned to an office needing attention and an inbox full of emails, so I'm not quite sure how soon I will get to blog about it all.

As I've said before, this blog is the closest I'll ever get to a scrapbook, so I like to take my time and record our memories with care.  That being said, I do want to document the trip before I forget any of it, so it definitely won't be long.  In the meantime, I'll leave you with this photo taken on our last day at Disney World, right in the middle of Main Street USA with Cinderella's Castle in the background.

This place truly was magical.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Leave-ing... On a Jet Plane!

That's right, my friends.  After a last minute change of plans, we have decided to FLY to Florida with the kids.  

While I am extremely happy about this new development (I believe my exact words to Nick were: "I'd rather have 3 hours of screaming on a plane than 20+ hours of screaming in the car."), it has added a whole new level of complexity to the trip.  Packing? For a family of four with two small children? For 8 days?  C-R-A-Z-Y.  It probably doesn't help that I am a natural-born over-packer.

It also probably doesn't help that I seem to have an unrealistic impression of what 50 lbs actually feels like.

Alas, our bags are packed, we're headed to stay with the in-laws tonight, and then, bright and early tomorrow morning, we depart for the Happiest Place on Earth!

I think I just might burst with excitement before we even get there.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Swim Lessons!

Carter started (and will finish) swim lessons this week.  He is taking them from Ms. Sandy at the MHS Natatorium, and just being in that place brings back so many memories from my childhood.

The first day, ready for the pool!

He has no fear of the water, as long as he can stand.  And if he can't touch, then he's pretty content with a confident adult leading him.

The thing he has the most trouble with is floating on his back.  I think he feels like his head will go under at any given moment, despite Ms. Sandy's best efforts to assure him otherwise.

In case you can't hear Ms. Sandy in the video below, she's telling Carter NOT to kick his legs.

Apparently, we also need a lesson in following directions.

Luckily, he's getting to enjoy all this fun with his pal, Gracie.

Love all their faces in this one...

and this one.

They even get to practice cool things like alligator crawl... 

... and the flying alligator right over Ms. Sandy's leg.

He's showing us some of his tricks at home too.  Last night he reenacted this moment for us in the bath tub: putting his head under water and blowing bubbles.
[And for the record, Olivia did too, though she may have inhaled a bit more water than her big brother.]

All in all, he's getting super comfortable in the water (which is all I can ask for, at this point), and he's having a great time.

Last night, at the dinner table, he looks up at me and says: 

"Momma? Know what my favorite part of today was?"

"What is that, sweetie?"

"Swim-mun lessons."


Monday, June 14, 2010

Yesterday, our household looked like this:

Here we are today.

That's right; our beloved black lab, Cisco, left this world yesterday and went up to that great big doghouse in the sky.  I hope that doesn't sound trite, but if I don't make light of this, I just might break down and cry.  Some of you may remember about a year and a half ago when Cisco joined our family.  Though, if you recall, we've loved him since he was born, even though he lived with Nick's parents.

Since we're leaving on vacation this week, we took both our labs to Nick's parents house on Saturday, and the plan was for them to stay there until we get back since someone else will be coming daily to take care of their other dogs. My in-laws let the dogs out in the morning, and all was fine. They put them back in the kennel while they went to church. When they returned home and went to let the dogs out, they found Cisco laying in his run. Gwlynda said it appeared as though he just curled up, laid down and went to sleep. I will forever remember this dog, the calm, docile Labrador that I really loved.

Cisco Stock Split
July 31, 2000 - June 13, 2010


P.S. We haven't told the kids yet.  Since we dropped the dogs off on Saturday, they haven't really asked about them.  With them being so young, I'm not sure how we'll explain it, but I know even Olivia will wonder where he is when we get back.  I suppose we'll cross that bridge when we get there.  No need to bring it up right before we leave for the happiest place on Earth.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Just look at that ticker!

2! Weeks! Until! Disney!

I'm so freakin pumped that I can hardly stand it. But I know the days will pass quickly. In the next two weeks, I'm helping hostess a baby shower, Carter will start (and finish) swim lessons, oh and did I mention that Olivia is potty training? Yeah so plenty to keep me busy but still.so.excited!

And because a post isn't quite complete without a picture, I'll leave you with my little sleeping beauty this evening.

Nick is at the Rangers game with the guys, and I was watching it on tv. Carter insisted that he wasn't tired when bedtime rolled around, so he had the idea to lay on the couch with a blanket. So I "let him". Ha! He was asleep within minutes. I love it when kids think they won.

Lori - via my iPhone