Saturday, March 13, 2010

What's that?

Carter and I went to Target this afternoon (as we do almost every Saturday). And of course, we ended up in the toy section (as we do every trip). I usually let him walk the toy aisles looking at everything he wants and so far I've been lucky enough to leave most days with a simple pick from the dollar section in the front of the store.

Anyway, his new favorite thing in the toys where he spends the most time is the small, real-life animal replicas. Not sure if you've seen them or not but other than thier miniature size, they are actually quite real looking and very good representations. So we're looking at all the animals (each and every single one) naming them and talking about the animal. We come across this animal:

So I ask Carter if he knows what if is.

He says "yeah. It's a yak."

Now you know I'm all about keeping it real on this here blog so I will admit that I had to look up yak on wikipedia because, though I've heard of them, I didn't know if he was even remotely close. Turns out, he was.

Seriously though, where in the world does he come up with this stuff?

You better believe that tomorrow at Sunday lunch, I will have Pawpaw explain the difference between a cow, a bull and a yak.

Right after I google meerkat.


Marcy Gloeckler said...

That is too cute! He's a smart boy!

Haley said...

To which I would have said, "No, Carter, that's a longhorn." Clearly your 3 yr old is smarter than me! :)

Grace Family said...

Oh well, my son would have called it Bevo, but then again we've brainwashed him to be a Texas fan, so :-).

Abby said...

Dr. Seuss! There are lots of Yellow Yaks in Dr. Seuss books... Carter and I probably learn from the same books.