Friday, April 3, 2009

Star of the Week

Carter was "Star of the Week" at school this past week. This means that Carter Mommy had to make an "All About Me" board to share with the class in circle time on Monday, and the board would be displayed in his classroom window all week. Even though I had to do some work from home on Sunday night and didn't get started on the board until almost 10 pm and made a huge mess, it was worth it to see Carter so proud of his board and to have everyone at the daycare tell me how his was the best they'd ever seen. Mission: accomplished.

Progress, ignore the bags under my eyes and the mess on the table.

That'll do.

(Cheese alert:) He's my STAR every week!


Haley Frederick said...

Good job, Lori... I mean Carter. Very cute!

Marcy said...

Great job Lori!!! It looks great!

Lorin said...

Mommy gets a gold star for such a cute board! Yay! :)

Gwlynda Irek said...

Way to go Carter-Man - You have always been 'Our Little Star'

Love NaNa and JaJa

Courtney Willis said...

What a talented kiddo AND Mommy!