Thursday, July 23, 2009


What do you do when your two year old flails about and throws a huge tantrum any time a salon professional attempts to cut his hair?

Well, you whip out your clippers, set-up on the back patio and do it yourself!

And if that two year old's father is complaining about also needing a haircut?

Well, you buzz his too.

I realize there is no skill involved here and there may be a few stray hairs, but seriously? In twenty minutes, I saved myself $50 bucks. Well worth it, if you asked me.

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Grace Family said...

I cut Logan's hair too... not as easy as just taking the clippers to it and I'm probably doing a major injustice to his blonde curls, but I'm too cheap to take him somewhere and risk him throwing that "fit"

Oh, and we do the same to hubby... having boys definitely is an advantage here, bc I would never let my husband cut my hair in return! Good job Lori!! They both look great!