Thursday, July 9, 2009

An attempt at an incredibly adorable photo of two small children...

The gift of a [truly] great picture is so hard to come by these days, especially for one child that hates grass and another one that is generally petrified of the camera. But I bought these cute tees for $5 bucks from Gap and gosh darnit, somebody was going to give me my Kodak moment this Independence Day.

Take One:
It's okay bay-bee. Ssshhh... It's okay. Look at Mommy.

Take two:
Okay, look at Aunt Melynda. And smile!

Take six:
Okay Carter, go sit down by sissy. And everybody look at Mommy!

Take twelve:
Carter, what's the matter son? What are you doing with your hands? Look up!

Take twenty-five:
Okay Carter, give sissy a kiss. No, not on the hands, on the face!

Take twenty-six:
There you go. Sissy, look here! No crying...

Take thirty-nine:
Okay, that's sort of looking. Now say CHEESE!

Take fifty-four:
What in the world are y'all looking at? Look HERE.

Take sixty-five:
Wait, no... Olivia, why are you crying again? Alright, forget the grass. Let's go down by the pond and sit on the bench.

Take seventy-one:
Olivia. Seriously. What is that face? Get your tongue back in your mouth.

Take seventy-five:
Carter! Get your finger OUT OF YOUR NOSE!

Take eighty-nine:
What are you guys doing with your legs? Oh who cares... LOOK RIGHT HERE!!!!

Take one hundred four:
Perfect, I'll take it. Did somebody say margarita?


abby said...

take 26 is my favorite!

Grace Family said...

hilarious! oh i have such an easy time taking logan's pic, but now that #2 is on the way, you have scared me! where is nick while you're doing this? maybe he should try peek-a-boo from behind you or something! haha! too funny!

Haley Frederick said...

That's awesome!

Lorin said...

Haha, I love it. :) They're both still adorable - even with the pouty lip and nose picking!

Jacqueline said...

that sad pouty look is too precious. i know that's not what mom wanted, but it's still pretty cute. hope you got that margarita! ;)

Dicky and Sarah Smith said...

This made my day! You are so funny!