Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beten Sie bitte um uns.

Einschnitt wird nach Deutschland Morgen seit zehn Tagen angeführt. Er reist mit 18 anderen Leuten von unserer Kirche, und die Gruppe wird ein Baseball-Lager für die Jugend und ihre Eltern führen. Das ist sein erstes Mal, um international sein erstes Mal zu reisen, um weg von Olivia, und natürlich mein erstes Mal zu sein, um einzelnen Elternteil zwei kleinen Kindern seit zehn Tagen gerade zu spielen. Also, wie der Titel anzeigt: Beten Sie bitte um uns.

Now, now, before you go thinking that Blogger has seriously flown the coup and jacked up my blog, that was just a little snipit, for fun's sake, of the lingo my hubby is about to encounter. Not up to par on your German these days? Me either. Here's what I said, in English.

Nick is headed to Germany tomorrow for ten days. He is traveling with 18 other folks from our church, and the group will be leading a baseball camp for youth and their parents. This is his first time to travel internationally, his first time to be away from Olivia, and, naturally, my first time to play single parent to two small children for ten days straight. So, as the title indicates: Please pray for us.


Haley Frederick said...

How did you do that??? You haven't learned German since I last saw you.
I will be praying mostly for you in the next 10 days. Call if you need moral support! Love you!

merutig said...

I saw the "Beten Sie" and immediately thought, "uh-oh"! You know we're just around the corner if you need anything! -Elise