Thursday, July 16, 2009

16 and Pregnant 16 nor pregnant. And even though I'm pretty sure I am no longer in MTVs target demographic, I have found myself sucked into this tv show, and tonight, it even made me cry. Alot.

I have caught the show a few times here and there, but tonight after I put the kids to bed and found myself flipping through the channel guide, I saw a preview for the season finale of this show and knew I had to watch. The couple on tonight's episode was unlike any of the others I've seen. They were going to give the baby up for adoption.

At 16 years old, these two kids recognized their less than perfect childhood and current lifestyle and knew that they wanted better than that for their baby. They gave her up for adoption because they loved her and wanted the best for her. When they gave her over to the adoptive couple they had chosen, I was so happy for the couple. And I found myself admiring two Michigan teenagers that I don't even know all through the fishbowl that is reality tv.

Maybe it's just that weepy time of the month for me. Or maybe it's because I read one too many adoption and/or infertility blogs (for no reason at all). Or maybe it's the fact that I'm nostalgic about my own childbirth experiences with Olivia's first birthday right around the corner. Whatever the case, it was really neat to see a true REALITY show that made a difference in two couple's lives. For the better. Thanks MTV.*

*NOTE TO MTV: don't think that this means I'll be coming back to your pre-teen network to watch any of your other shows about going on dates with exes, going on dates with moms, or "seven complete strangers living together under one roof" (seriously, after 22 seasons?... give it up already).

P.S. When does The Hills new season start?


Kristen and David said...

Hi Lori! Just found you blog, hopped over here from Taber's. So good to see your kids and catch up on your life. :) Your babies are beautiful!! The fourth of July pics crack me up! You definitely get an A for effort! Glad to find you. I'll be checking in!

Haley Frederick said...

Adoption stories always make me cry!!! It really makes no difference what my hormonal state is!