Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Extravaganza! Part 3

What a wonderful Christmas morning we had this year.  Santa brought an abundance of gifts, and I'm fairly certain, the kids loved each and every single one of them.

Santa was here!

"Busters" (aka Starburst) from her stocking

Toy Story "Snuggie"
Batman Jammas, complete with cape!
So excited! Other than a robot (random, I know), this is the ONE thing he asked for.
Daddy got a watch!
I don't think Santa intended the bottle for Minnie, but have at it, Little Mama.
And even though I don't have a picture of it, Nick bought me two new charms for my charm bracelet: the little boy-little girl charm and a baseball glove.  Perfect!


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The Shull Family said...

I know I should be commenting on the mountain of gifts but instead I wanted to comment on how beautiful your tree was (is). Gorgeous!