Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Extravaganza! Part 1

We spaced out our Christmas celebrations a bit more this year which made it seem like Christmas was a whole week long.  Score!

Starting Sunday night the week before Christmas, we had our Drake/Spurgin celebration with my uncle (mom's brother), aunt and teenage cousins who live in McKinney.

There were some Easons & Vandagriffs there too!

After feasting on some yummy food, it was time to open presents.  We only buy for the "kids" and apparently, I was too busy helping our little ones open gifts, because I got pictures of none of it, except for this one of my chocolate-faced daughter waiting patiently to start opening.

Carter received a lovely box full of crayons, [washable!] markers, coloring books and a couple of new DVDs.  Olivia received a DVD and a "My First Princess" Cinderella doll.   Carter and Olivia wanted to watch Dora immediately, so we set them up in my aunt & uncles bedroom to watch.  About an hour later, this is what we found:

My precious son had removed every post and extension from K&Bs four poster bed.  He's lucky we all though it was hilarious.  Which it was.


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