Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Extravaganza! Part 2

We celebrated Christmas with Nana & Jaja on Thursday night, the 23rd.  They had the presents ready and waiting when we arrived!
After a yummy ham dinner that Jaja made, we decided to break tradition and open presents that night (we usually open them first thing in the morning, but since it wasn't Christmas day either way, we decided, why not?)
A pose & a smile from the child who never does either.
With Nana, ready to begin!

Getting all purdy, Nana helping put on her new gloves...
And lip gloss...
And earrings & tiaras...
And a sash, don't forget the sash!
Carter is really excited about his new Leapster Explorer!
I received this super cool book about the 2010 American League Champions, My Texas Rangers!
And Nick got some tools.  You can never have too many, right?
Daddy helped Olivia open this special present from Jaja.
Diamond earrings from Lebanon!  Jaja picked them up on a recent trip overseas, and though Olivia may not realize it yet, these are pretty darn special.

Jaja got Nana a crate cover for her Great Dane, Callie, which the kids promptly turned into their newest hideout/playzone.

Many thanks to Nana & Jaja for such an awesome Christmas!

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