Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Own Personal Office Decorators

Carter and Olivia are spending this lovely Spring Break afternoon with their Aunt Mindi and cousins, Jackson and Grayson.  They all just stopped by our store/my office for a little hello.  Carter was in my office while I was in the store helping the nephews pick out a few new sporting goods.  After they left, I returned to my office to find this scene:

Apparently, he raided my stash of permanent! markers to create a small masterpiece.  I think it gives my desk a little character, no?

Oh and did I ever tell you about the time that I brought the kids up here on a Saturday to get some work done and I let Olivia play with my dry erase board?  Let's just say that white walls are not conducive to the whole "erase" part of that concept.

Perhaps instead of a Christmas bonus, I should ask for a gallon of paint and industrial strength marker remover.

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