Saturday, March 19, 2011


In January, I introduced you to the newest Eason family member.  After living with us for about two weeks, Woody decided that he would rather live in the lap of luxury that is Country Ridge Bulldogs, so back to Rockwall he went.  And we are once again a one-dog family (for now).

However, we are now a one-hamster family as well.  Let me introduce you to GilVert (that's right... with a "V", not a "B").

He hides pretty much non-stop during daylight, so a full body shot is kind of hard to come by.
But he does have a head in there somewhere, I promise.
The backstory: out of the blue one day, Carter asked if he could have a hamster.  Not wanting to give in to his every whim, Nick and I told him we'd "think about it".  Parent code for: I-really-hope-you-forget-about-this-before-asking-again.  He was relentless in his requests so Nick and I decided that we really didn't have a problem with a hamster, per say, but the expense and minor-responsibility was something we wanted Carter to understand, as much as his four-year-old brain could.

Carter had an upcoming appointment with an Ear, Nose & Throat doctor (huge tonsils, enlarged adenoids) that we thought was going to be miserable for him, so we made a deal: if he did well at the doctor, he could have his hamster.  (As it turned out, he was a perfect peach at the appointment, and it was no big deal for him.  Of course, if/when his tonsils come out, I'm sure I'll take back that "no big deal" statement.)  Anyway, as soon as we got in the car after leaving the doctor's office, he asked if we could go get his hamster.  Since Nana & Jaja had SO GRACIOUSLY offered to take Carter to get his hamster, I told him he had to wait until Saturday.  By the time Saturday rolled around, Carter was beside himself with excitement, so Nana & Jaja came and got the kids and fulfilled their promise to get him his hamster.

[Side note to D & G: I know I've said thank you in person, but I hope y'all understand how truly thankful Nick and I are that you did this.  Hamsters sound cheap, but by the time you factor in the food, the cage, the shavings, the toys, etc., etc., I know they're not.  So again, thank you!]

Pretty sweet crib, little dude!
About his name: Carter, Nick and I discussed names for quite some time before Gilvert joined our family.  At first, he said he wanted a hamster named Elephant (is this from Little Bill?).  Then it was "Show-bee" or "Bow-bee" or whatever weird, fake name Carter could think of at the time.  Finally about five minutes before Nana & Jaja arrived to take him to the pet store, out of nowhere, he came up with Gilvert.  "GilBert?", I said, thinking I had heard him incorrectly. "No, mama, Gil-Vert."  So there you have it.

Yummy hamster food...
It's been a month now, and Carter still loves him just as much as the first day he brought him home.  He asks to pet him all the time, and I usually pawn that supervisory task on to Nick.  He also loves to give him carrots and apples for his nibbling pleasure.

Carter is sure to tell every new visitor to our home about Gilvert; he just loves him so much.  And honestly, so do I.

As much as one can "love" having a rat in their home, that is.


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Lorin said...

First, I like that in the first picture it looks like Gilvert is living in Fruity Pebbles, which would be completely awesome. Second, Gilvert has quite a mansion there!