Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I still can't believe that my beloved Texas Rangers are playing Game 1 of the World Series tonight!  You really don't have to know me very well at all to know that I love baseball, and I especially LOVE the Texas Rangers.  I always have.  Even those seasons when it was more fun to be a Cowboys or Mavericks fan, the Rangers were still #1 in my book.

Nick and I had the privilege to attend several post season games courtesy of various manufacturers that we work with (Louisville Slugger, Rawlings, Mizuno).  They weren't the best seats in the park, but hello? I.Was.There.

ALDS Game 3 - Nick, Joey (close friend/retail store mgr), Mike (owner of HRS!)

ALDS Game 3
ALDS Game 4 (quite a bit higher than the day before)
ALDS Game 4 - the obligatory self-portrait
ALCS Game 2 - our noses were starting to bleed...
ALCS Game 2 (you can see JerryWorld over Nick's right shoulder)
Oh, I Like Texas...

Let's Go Rangers, Let's Go! *clap, clap*



Haley said...

Pretty excited!!!!

abby said...


GO Rangers!!