Friday, October 22, 2010

Fletcher's and The Texas Star

Nick and I decided that our kids were deprived of the true joys in life that are fried food, sugar, and overpriced entertainment, so two weeks ago, we took the day off from work and headed to The State Fair of Texas!

All joking aside, I have such fond memories of going to the Fair as a kid.  I remember the rides, the food, the cotton candy and, of course, Big Tex.  Nick didn't grow up with the same memories, and I have been begging him to take our family for the past four years.  One year, I was too pregnant, then Carter was too little, then I had a two-month-old & a two-year-old, then.... I don't know.  Finally this year, he gave in and agreed to go.

We searched the Internet for coupons and deals and discovered that on a Wednesday, our entire family could get into the Fair for a measly $6 bucks plus nine canned goods.  Score!  (It's not like we saved any more money once we were actually through the gates in the Fair, but hey, every little bit helps.)

Our first stop (after finding a Fletcher's Corn Dog) was Big Tex, of course.  Carter was very intrigued as to what he was saying, though, unless you're standing directly underneath him, you can't really understand him anyway.

Carter & Olivia witnessed some older children having their photo taken here, so of course, they had to try it out as well.  I would have attempted to get a better picture with Carter actually in it, but it was right about this time that Olivia got stuck and required my assistance.

We let the kids ride the swings, which seemed like one of the safest "rides" there.

Being that it was the kids' first trip to the Fair (and beside the fact that Carter was BEGGING us), we decided to all ride the Texas Star.

It's only while we're in line that my husband of 8.5 years informs me that he's a teensy bit afraid of heights.
Oh well, the kids really enjoyed it, despite the fact that they would not comply with the "must remain seated at all times" rule.
Here is our view from the top:

We headed over to see the Bird Show, however, I'm sad to report that I have not one picture to prove it.  My little Olivia was  So we people watched outside the amphitheater until Daddy & Carter were done.

And then we journeyed to what has long been my favorite part of the Fair... The Car Show!  I realized after I had voiced our plans aloud that Carter thought we were going to sit and watch cars perform, rather than enter an exhibit hall full of automobiles, but he quickly got over it when he realized we would let him get in and "drive".

Olivia quickly got the hang of it as well.

After a short performance at the Backyard Circus and a quick trip through a few exhibit halls, we arrived at the baby zoo, which probably turned out to be our favorite thing all day.

We saw a young giraffe...
a llama...
a cow and her calf...
this awesome ostrich... 
some baby zebras...
and last, but not least, piglets!

After scrubbing down with PLENTY of hand sanitizer, the kids were back in the wagon and we were headed to the car.  But not before one last stop....
Check out the size of that cotton candy!
Even Daddy enjoyed a bite... or twelve.
If I had known how content it would make them, I would have bought two cones way earlier in the day to keep them in the wagon longer.  
Actually, I take that back.  I'm not sure I could have dealt with the mess had we not been making a bee line straight to the car.  Here are my two precious angels once we got to the car:
I'm telling you, there were webs of cotton candy EVERYWHERE.  Luckily, all it took was about a dozen baby wipes and a moving, air conditioned vehicle, and they were both clean and sound asleep before we were even out of the parking lot.  

Can't wait to go back next year, right Nick?



Haley said...

Looks equally stressful and fun! :) In the 5 yrs that I lived in TX, I never went to the State Fair. I guess that officially makes me a non-Texan. :-/

Side note: the word it wants me to type at the bottom is "woomate". Thought that was kinda funny.

Anonymous said...

I want to go with you'll next year!!! NaNa

Anonymous said...

Why am I the bad guy in this....I don't like people.

brandonandmandycox said...

The "after cotton candy" pictures are awesome - so funny!