Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Weekend of Moms

I've been a mom for three and a half years.  In those years, I have tried on countless occasions to capture snapshots of my children in [somewhat] concrete format whether that be via professional photos, video clips or even this blog (as I do not scrapbook).  But I have to say that some of my most treasured possessions are the crafts that the kids bring home from school with their pictures and hand prints on them.  Even though I know that the teachers do most of the work, somehow they manage to capture my children's expressions and personalities in such a manner that is priceless.  Even if that picture is framed with yarn and craft sticks.

This Mother's Day was no exception.

Carter "showing" me his present; Olivia in shorts that do not belong to her.

Carter: "Look, Mommy, what Ms. Juliette made for you!"

Olivia made me a recipe book:
Apparently, 2 hugs, 2 kisses, 2 cups of TLC, 1 cup of understanding, and 1 dash of patience* blended all together yields this little beauty.

*understatement much?

Saturday morning, Nick had to work, so after dropping Olivia off at Gigi's house for a bit, I took Carter to baseball practice where he swung a bat three times his height...

practiced his expert sliding skills (terrible photo, I know; he's the blurry blob in the middle.)...

and posed for one last picture when practice was over.

Afterwards, we went to cousin Jackson's baseball game, then my sister & family and I took Mom out to lunch to celebrate Mother's Day.  We dined at Crow's Cafe in downtown Anna, and for the two of you that live in the area that read my blog (Whitney & Sarah), you NEED to go if you haven't already been.  It's delicious.

It was such a beautiful day, so we decided to sit on the patio where the kids ran wild all within the confines of the gated patio seating.  It was glorious. And because I am an awesome mother, Olivia drank sweet tea...

and played with knives...

And Carter was really happy to pose for a photo with dear old Mom...

Mindi and I were super excited to give Mom her gift, and that probably had nothing to do with the fact that we were actually on the ball this year and ordered her gift weeks! ahead of time.

Jackson & Grayson were anxious to see it as well.

She loves it!

[click on photo to zoom in]

Jeremy (who is apparently really excited about this picture) & Mindi

Sunday morning before church, Nick informed me that the kids had left something for me on the table.
My children know me so well...

A couple of new Rangers t-shirts, some snickerdoodle cookies...
I told Carter these were grown up food.  
Sharing and generosity have never been my strong suits. 


After church we headed out to see Nana & JaJa in Rockwall, but apparently, this mom was off-duty at that point because I didn't take a single picture. boo!  So I snagged one of her off facebook.  yea!

Carter picked out a lovely plant and bright yellow pot for Nana, and he even signed the card himself (Gwlynda: take a picture of it, would ya?).  We celebrated the afternoon in one of my most favorite ways, relaxing after lunch on the grill, Texas Rangers on the tv, and the kids running amuck, though not actually breaking anything (this time) at Nana & JaJa's house.  The perfect end to a great weekend.



Haley said...

Lori, you make me laugh. We'll add "she lets her almost 2 yr old play with knives and drink sweet tea" to your application for Mother of the Year! :)

Misty said...

I have made some stuff out of the PW cookbook and all of it has been awesome. Love her too! The Apple Dumplings are delicious and so easy to make! Looks like you had agreat Mother's Day!