Monday, May 3, 2010

Baseball Begins, aka Nick's First Post

The Mister of this Everyday Eason blog has decided to grace the interwebs with his very first post.  Enjoy!


On Saturday we started a chapter of our lives that won’t end for the next 17 or so years, Carter started Baseball. Now this wasn’t full on we are getting uniforms and hats and joining a T-ball team, this was a little different and a little scarier. Carter went to a local Baseball Training Facility, Frozen Ropes, to take lessons. This is a place that for the low, low price of thousands of dollars a year, your child can take instructions from some of the best in the business. Here is the scary part…..our 3 year old could be taking lessons till he is 18. 15 years of lessons! (Luckily Carter-man’s Daddy knows the owners.)

The first day was fantastic. Carter, a long time Daycare and Stretch-and-grow attendee, listened to Coach TJ very well and was following instructions to a T. First they had to stretch it out.

Then “Catch” a bean bag after yelling out what color it was.

Some bunny hopping and throwing...

And finally running the bases.

Carter seemed to have a really good time and was hyped up about baseball afterward. (Brings a tear to my eye.) We went down to the baseball fields afterwards to watch some kids play and have a hotdog. So day one is gone just 5,399 more days of baseball training to go.


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