Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spoons, Cupcakes & Cupid

Our small group had plans to celebrate Valentine's Day together with our kiddos (one night early) at Spoons' Family Valentine's Dinner.  If you live in the area, hopefully you know what and where Spoons is.  If not, well... bless your heart (and check out the website!).

Ebby Lee decided to get sick all over her poor mama at the last minute, so we missed the Slaughters dearly, but we still had a great time with the Endsleys and enjoyed some super yummy food.  Instead of a regular dinner menu, this special event was a buffet of meatloaf (one of the best I've ever had), chicken tetrazzini, chicken fried steak, chicken fingers, macaroni & cheese, fried okra, mashed potatos, green beans and Spoons signature salads.  Not to mention there was cupcake decorating and live music!

Caroline, such an easy-going, now one year old little girl.

All the materials necessary to create the perfect Valentine's cupcake:

Hard at work...


Olivia decided to eat her [undecorated (I know, mean Mommy)] cupcake with a knife.  Good one, Liv!

Carter took this picture.  He thoroughly enjoyed dancing and tapping his feet to the tunes.

The best picture of four under three I could get.

Hope everyone else had a Happy Valentine's Day as well! (Thanks again for my flowers, honey! Sorry I forgot to take a picture for the blog.)


Haley said...

How fun! Nothing like Valentine's Day with kids, right? I've never heard of Spoons before, but I think I should definitely try it when I come to TX again. Hmm... when will that be??? Not sure. :(

Lori said...

Haley, you definitely should. I promise, I will take you there and you will love it. Now come back to Texas already!

Endsley Family said...

OK, your post is WAY better than mine...LOVE IT!!