Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The one where craigslist and I become BFFs

Seriously, craigslist just HAS to be the greatest thing ever invented (created?).  My new BFF, as I shall now refer to it.

I posted an ad for Olivia's old crib on craigslist this morning at 10 am.  By 10:06, I had one person saying she wanted it and was coming to buy it tonight.  Within the next hour, I had 6 (six!) other people emailing me saying that they wanted it.  Perhaps I under-priced.  Ah well, I'm not greedy.  I'll just be happy to get rid of it in exchange for some quick cash.

And though I haven't sold the toy box yet, I do have one person measuring their closet to see if it will fit, in which case she will buy it.  If not, I will consign it next month.  It will sell.

But back to my best friend... I mean, really, who wouldn't love a system where you get to post items you wish to get rid of only to have someone COME PICK IT UP FROM YOUR HOUSE and give you moolah.  There are some things I'd pay someone else just to haul away after I'm done with it, but thanks to my new BFF, I don't have to.  Instead, they come get it from me and pay me to do so!

And don't even get me started on browsing CL for items I'D like to buy.  It's like a giant online garage sale... except the seller can't shoot you a look for raising your eyebrow at the crap they think people will actually pay money for and you don't have to get up early on Saturday to shop!

Dear Mr. Craig, 

I don't know you personally, but I *heart* your list.  Please keep it up.

Your BFF

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