Friday, September 25, 2009

The Results

Sheaffer reminded me that I never updated on my previous post with my total from the consignment sale. Sorry, it's been a crazy week. And I know all of you have been waiting on pins and needles to find out. I haven't received the check yet, and they say that the amount might be higher as stray sales get loaded into the database. But as of right now, I should be receiving a check in the mail in the amount of...


Can you believe it? I am so thrilled (even though it may not seem like much to some), and I'd say that the payoff is definitely worth the effort. Plus, since all the hard work of sorting and pinning is all done, I'm already registered to consign at another upcoming consignment sale, so hopefully, I'll sell the rest at that one. Now, what to do with the extra cash...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Consignment? Yes, please!

It's no surprise to anyone that knows me even a little bit that I love to shop. Especially for my children. And especially when the items are gently used and deeply discounted. The highlight of my Spring & Fall seasons are the consignment sales I now consider part of my lifeline. Seriously, it's a bit of an addiction.

Anyway, since I don't plan on giving Carter & Olivia any more siblings, I decided that the best way to support my addiction provide additional income for our family would be to consign some of the many (read: TONS) of children's clothes that have been occupying drawers, closet space and garage shelves for the past three years and counting. I knew this would be a large mountain to climb, but I was finally up for the challenge. And finally ready to have some storage space in my garage and cash in my pocket.

So, since I wasn't motivated in enough time to consign at my first and most favorite consignment sale, I decided to sell my items at my second favorite, local consignment sale.

My weekend was spent in the floor of my living room and at my kitchen table under many, many mounds of clothing, toys and other various sundries. Luckily, I have a mom that loves me dearly and was either (a.) glutton for punishment or (b.) sad to see me have to endure this alone, so I had help most of the time. But it wasn't pretty. Here, I'll show you:

I know, I warned you.

There's Mom... at least she's still smiling.

Olivia helped too.

There are no words.

These were the clothes all hung up and ready to be tagged. Now they're loaded up in the back of my car with other items including socks, shoes, unused burp cloths, clean bibs, multiple activity yards, a travel swing and a partridge in a pear tree. After work, I will go drop these items off to be organized and sold at the sale later on this week.

Then I will wait.

And I will check my tags online once the sale begins. I will watch like a hawk to see that I bring home a profit. (Profit defined as: money left over AFTER deducting the price of the hangers, safety pins, card stock and printer ink that I had to buy to make this magic happen.)

I hope this proves worth it in the end because if I'm honest... I actually had quite a bit of fun this weekend. Spending time with my mom, printing tags & pinning clothes together and reminiscing on the good times and memories that accompanied so many of these baby items. So, wish me luck. And please, if you're in McKinney: go buy my stuff!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Star of the Week, Part 2

Some of you may remember back in April when Carter was the Star of the Week at school, which led Mommy to create a board All About Him. Well, this week, it was Olivia's turn. Her class is doing it much sooner than Carter's did, so I didn't have as much good stuff to put on it, but I think it turned out quite cute, if I do say so myself.

Now, for those of you that know me well, you know that I am not the most sentimental person. I don't save every piece of artwork that my children have done, but I do like to save the stuff with their hand prints or artwork that includes their picture. You know, the cute stuff I can show off later to reminisce on how cute and innocent they once were. Anyway, here's the predicament: what am I supposed to do with these boards? They're the size of a half of a poster board, so it's not like I can just throw them in a scrapbook.* Currently, Carter's is under our mattress, which is where Olivia's will be next week after we bring it back home, I'm sure. So what would you do with it? Keep it? Trash it and save the pictures? I'm torn.

*If I had scrapbooks, which I don't.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Stuff Christians Like

Okay, please, if you know me, you'll take this for what it's worth. A simple laugh, if you're able to laugh at yourself (ya know, if you're a Christian and all).

I came across this list, a blog really, of "Stuff Christians Like." (Perhaps you've seen the "Stuff White People Like" - pretty funny too, perhaps I'll find that and post a link another day).

Anyway, if you're in the mood for a little chuckle, or maybe a huge belly laugh, rolling on the floor laughing kind of chuckle, you should read this. Again, please, with a grain of salt and a sense of humor.

Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009