Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Whieu, what a weekend!

About 10 am on Friday morning, my friend Jaime texted me to see if we would be interested in four free tickets to the Rangers game that night. "Um, yes please!" We scrambled to find a last minute sitter for the kiddos (okay, not really scrambled, we asked my sister and she obliged). Then we rushed home to get a change of clothes and pack a bag for the kids and drop off a carseat at the day care for my sister to use for Olivia. We met up with Jaime and got the tickets, then called our friends, The Gerbrandts, to see if they wanted to attend the game with us. Several hours later, we all enjoyed a hot but nice night out at the ballpark. Plus it was Fantastic Fireworks Friday, so we got $5 parking* and a fireworks show after the game. It was a win, win situation all around! (No pun intended, but the Rangers did beat the Padres 12-2. Wahoo!)

Ryan & Leslie

*I should add that in addition to the exciting night out with my hubby and friends, I received a text while in the parking lot that my dear, sweet friend and college roomie, Haley, just delivered a beautiful, healthy 9 lb. 9 oz. baby boy via a VBAC, exactly what she had been praying for. So happy for her!

Then on Saturday, we met up with the Gerbrandts again, this time at Willow Bend Mall. Their son, Nathan, is only four days younger than Carter, and they're pretty much two peas in a pod (although I must admit that Nathan is better behaved than our beloved son). Carter's usually running amuck around and Nathan generally follows his lead. They had a great time playing in the food-themed play area, and despite the children constantly coming over to Olivia (what is so fascinating about babies to other kids?), she had a great time too. Here's some fun photos from our [exhausting] day at the mall.

Carter calls him "My best friend"

I think Nathan would like a little sister to play with.

I'll have a spoonful of cuteness, please!

Follow the leader

Then, on Sunday, we attended the 2 year old birthday party of the son of our college friends, Jon & Sascha Webb. I didn't take a single picture (shame, shame) because we were having so much fun and trying to keep tabs on Carter near all that water. Josiah's party was at the Indoor and Outdoor Aquatic Centers at the Frisco Athletic Center. This place was AWESOME and our family will definitely be going back in the very near future. Wanna join us?

Hope your weekend was as great as ours, but I'm glad the week is here so I can rest. (And yes, I know it's Tuesday and I'm just now posting about our weekend. Man, am I on top of things or what? ;-)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Way Back Wednesday

These are a few pics I came across from my cousin, Becky's, wedding on June 16, 2007. Carter was seven months old. Not extremely WAY back, but still, it's fun to reminisce. Join me if you're so inclined. The pictures can be as old (or as new) as you like.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our Weekend Getaway

(I meant to post yesterday but, well, my friend went into labor and I helped deliver her baby. Okay, maybe I didn't help "deliver" the baby, but she definitely squeezed the crap out of my hands a time or two during some nasty contractions, and I like to be a martyr, so there. More of that to come on a separate post, though.)

Anyway, our weekend trip to the The Natural State was great. Carter & Olivia did better in the car than I had anticipated, I didn't kill my husband or my kids, and we made it home with everyone and everything we left with (except Nick's cell phone, but that's not my fault).

If you're a friend on mine on facebook, then you probably already saw one picture of Carter watching Barney on Nana's DVD player in the car. Let me tell you: I would like to kiss the man who invented the in-car DVD player, and I would happily tattoo myself with the name of the genius who invented wireless headphones. The combination of these two things is what saved my sanity for about 8-10 hours of the total 12 hour travel time (round trip). As soon as one DVD finished, Carter asked for another one, and I was all too happy to oblige. It was so great, in fact, that I don't even care how many of you are judging me right now for the amount of time my son (and daughter, actually) spent watching a tiny 10" screen donned with the presence of a giant purple dinosaur. Nope, don't care one bit.

And this little precious, sweet, innocent sleeping child? Well, she was a fantastic traveler WHEN she was sleeping, but if she was awake and wanted out of her car seat, well, let's just say, she made her request known. I have no idea where she learned it from, but she has perfected the most shrill, high-pitched squeal that bellows from the innermost of her being and could drive a saint to drinking. I know, I know, how is it possible that this sweet, blue-eyed angel could make such a noise? Trust me, it's possible. And if you don't believe me, just ask anyone within a 500 mile radius of Interstate 30.

I didn't really take more than a couple of pictures of our weekend because pictures of trips to different Walmart stores and the Vilonia Festival (if you can call broken down carnival rides and vendors selling everything from LIVE ducks to oven door "dresses" a festival) just aren't that interesting. But I did snap this cutie shot of Carter & his cousin, River, on the way home from dinner at Ropers Steak & Pizzas (yep you read that right, famous for both slabs of beef & Italian pies. Don't judge, my chicken fried steak was quite delicious.)

It was actually very relaxing to get away and have some time to do a little bit of everything yet nothing at all. Nick was able to play golf with his brother & dad on Saturday while my MIL & I went and did some shopping.*

*Shopping at the Dollar General. And going in and out of every Walmart we came across trying to find as much Arkansas Razorback fan merchandise as possible since you can't buy it anywhere in Texas. Darn you Longhorn, Aggie & Sooner fans. You've got a corner on the market.

Then on Sunday, we went to church and had a potluck afterward with [what seemed like] all of Nick's extended family for his Mema's 82nd birthday (complete with Elvis impersonator, I kid you not). Here are the pics...

Trying to organize seven Easons for a picture. Goofballs.

Ed and all his children (Nick has three half-brothers)

Children only, in reverse birth order, youngest to oldest:
Jordan, Jacob, Joseph, Nick, Bo, & Melynda

Just Ed & Gwlynda's kids

See? I told you Elvis was there, singing to Mema. Carter wasn't too sure what to think of him.

Olivia could have cared less, she slept right through Houndog, Teddy Bear and many, many others. Thanks Aunt Getta!

Nick & his Dad (as if you couldn't tell)

All-in-all, it was a great trip and I'm glad that we were able to go. And I'll definitely consider taking the kids on another road trip. Just not before they're thirty. Kidding, mostly.


Our bestest friends, Michael & Amber Bruner finally have a blog (okay, so we all know that it's mostly the women doing this blog thing, so I'll say it like it is. Amber got a blog.) Anyway, they're expecting their first baby in October, so surely there will be some good blogging material to come shortly. So get on over there and show them some bloggy love.

Here's a pic of Amber and my livvy-girl taken back in November.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Road Trip!... and Champions

Later this evening, the Easons will be embarking on our very first road trip. Along with my mother-in-law, Gwlynda, we will be driving to Little Rock, Arkansas tonight to stay with Nick's brother, Bo, sister-in-law, Georgetta, and nephew, River. Not only have we not seen them since they moved back in October, but it's also Nick's grandma's 82nd birthday celebration and an all-around good opportunity to visit (and meet for the first time) many of Nick's extended family.

While the idea of traveling 250 miles in a car with small children ages two and a half & 10 months old isn't exactly my idea of a good time, I know we'll have a blast once we get there. I usually try to keep myself out of situations that put me one step closer toward a mental institution for crazed mommies, but alas, it's unavoidable this time around, so forward we march, err... drive.

The laundry, cleaning, packing and preparing involved to leave our house for a seemingly short three day span is somewhat ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is the fact that we're most likely pulling a small trailer to haul it all. (In my defense, Nick is playing golf with his dad & brother while we're there and golf clubs take up quite a bit of space in an already cramped SUV. Plus, when you consider the Pack-N-Play, luggage, toys, double stroller... oh who am I kidding? You can go ahead and laugh at us now. It's simply ridiculous.)

We've been lucky enough to have most of our family close so holidays and family visits never involve more than a 30 minute trip usually. And I know there are several of you out there who have charted this road-trip-with-small-children-in-tow territory before (and WAY beyond... I don't know how Shay conquered a trip to Hawaii with Kensington), so I know it can be done, but still there is fear in the unknown. Will they sleep? Will they scream? Just how much Barney can I handle in a five hour car ride? The answers to those questions and more will come upon our [sure-to-be] glorious return. Wish me luck! (or sanity, rather).

Oh and because Nick told me I had to, here is a picture of the CHAMPIONSHIP Men's E League (or D or Church or whatever league they were) team, taken on Tuesday night after they won back-to-back games for the title. Have you ever seen grown men so happy to be holding a cheap, plastic trophy? I do wonder if they'll pass the possession of it along from team member to team member kind of like the Stanley Cup. Probably not.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Fun at Nana & JaJa's House

We just returned home from an AWESOME day at Nick's parents' house. There was lots of swimming, playing, four-wheeling, dog-walking and all-around good times. Even though neither of my children get a good nap or eat a whole meal (too much excitement) while we're there, we always have a great time and there is always sadness when it's time to leave. Today was no different. Scroll down for a small glimpse into the fun...

This kid LOVES the water.

"Getcha motor runnin...."

And then this....

...turned into this. Four grown adults sculpting with Play-Doh...

...and this. Pure sibling joy.

And lastly we have Carter's most favorite activity of the day. (Don't worry, no small children were harmed during the making of this film the taking of the following pictures.)

Hope you had an enjoyable Saturday as well!

A Shower for Sarah & Baby P

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of throwing a baby shower for my sweet friend, Sarah. Many thanks to our friend, Amy, for hosting. And congrats to Sarah on the upcoming arrival of Miss Penelope June!

Mommy-to-be (her, not me! ;-)

Who doesn't love good shower food and a fun diaper cake?

Helen, Soon-to-be Big Sister of TWO!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Crazy Week and Cleaner

Things have been so crazy this week, and I have absolutely nothing to show for it. I think it started last Saturday with a baby shower I threw for my dear friend, Sarah [post coming] and things have been going ninety-to-nothing since then. I attended a sports show for work this week which has totally thrown off my daily routine. Add that to a normal week of hubby playing sports, Bible study, SYTYCD watching party, and life with two young kiddos, and I am plum tired. I'm looking forward to a nice weekend of swimming at the in-laws and some closet reorganization to recharge my batteries (okay maybe not the closet re-org but it does need to be addressed soon).

Also, while I'm thinking about it and since most of my blog followers are fellow mommies, I just have to share this super-awesome find with you. I stumbled across this stain removed at BRU (that's Babies-R-Us for those of you not cool enough to use the acronym) a couple of months ago, and I LOVE it. There hasn't been a stain yet that I haven't been able to get rid of. And I'm talking about even the nastiest of them including baby diaper blowouts, those awesome yellowish breastmilk stains and even blood - hey, I have a 2 year old; blood happens. So the next time you're visiting Geoffrey* & his awesome baby store, go ahead and pick up a bottle.

*the giraffe