Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Whieu, what a weekend!

About 10 am on Friday morning, my friend Jaime texted me to see if we would be interested in four free tickets to the Rangers game that night. "Um, yes please!" We scrambled to find a last minute sitter for the kiddos (okay, not really scrambled, we asked my sister and she obliged). Then we rushed home to get a change of clothes and pack a bag for the kids and drop off a carseat at the day care for my sister to use for Olivia. We met up with Jaime and got the tickets, then called our friends, The Gerbrandts, to see if they wanted to attend the game with us. Several hours later, we all enjoyed a hot but nice night out at the ballpark. Plus it was Fantastic Fireworks Friday, so we got $5 parking* and a fireworks show after the game. It was a win, win situation all around! (No pun intended, but the Rangers did beat the Padres 12-2. Wahoo!)

Ryan & Leslie

*I should add that in addition to the exciting night out with my hubby and friends, I received a text while in the parking lot that my dear, sweet friend and college roomie, Haley, just delivered a beautiful, healthy 9 lb. 9 oz. baby boy via a VBAC, exactly what she had been praying for. So happy for her!

Then on Saturday, we met up with the Gerbrandts again, this time at Willow Bend Mall. Their son, Nathan, is only four days younger than Carter, and they're pretty much two peas in a pod (although I must admit that Nathan is better behaved than our beloved son). Carter's usually running amuck around and Nathan generally follows his lead. They had a great time playing in the food-themed play area, and despite the children constantly coming over to Olivia (what is so fascinating about babies to other kids?), she had a great time too. Here's some fun photos from our [exhausting] day at the mall.

Carter calls him "My best friend"

I think Nathan would like a little sister to play with.

I'll have a spoonful of cuteness, please!

Follow the leader

Then, on Sunday, we attended the 2 year old birthday party of the son of our college friends, Jon & Sascha Webb. I didn't take a single picture (shame, shame) because we were having so much fun and trying to keep tabs on Carter near all that water. Josiah's party was at the Indoor and Outdoor Aquatic Centers at the Frisco Athletic Center. This place was AWESOME and our family will definitely be going back in the very near future. Wanna join us?

Hope your weekend was as great as ours, but I'm glad the week is here so I can rest. (And yes, I know it's Tuesday and I'm just now posting about our weekend. Man, am I on top of things or what? ;-)

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