Thursday, June 11, 2009

Road Trip!... and Champions

Later this evening, the Easons will be embarking on our very first road trip. Along with my mother-in-law, Gwlynda, we will be driving to Little Rock, Arkansas tonight to stay with Nick's brother, Bo, sister-in-law, Georgetta, and nephew, River. Not only have we not seen them since they moved back in October, but it's also Nick's grandma's 82nd birthday celebration and an all-around good opportunity to visit (and meet for the first time) many of Nick's extended family.

While the idea of traveling 250 miles in a car with small children ages two and a half & 10 months old isn't exactly my idea of a good time, I know we'll have a blast once we get there. I usually try to keep myself out of situations that put me one step closer toward a mental institution for crazed mommies, but alas, it's unavoidable this time around, so forward we march, err... drive.

The laundry, cleaning, packing and preparing involved to leave our house for a seemingly short three day span is somewhat ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is the fact that we're most likely pulling a small trailer to haul it all. (In my defense, Nick is playing golf with his dad & brother while we're there and golf clubs take up quite a bit of space in an already cramped SUV. Plus, when you consider the Pack-N-Play, luggage, toys, double stroller... oh who am I kidding? You can go ahead and laugh at us now. It's simply ridiculous.)

We've been lucky enough to have most of our family close so holidays and family visits never involve more than a 30 minute trip usually. And I know there are several of you out there who have charted this road-trip-with-small-children-in-tow territory before (and WAY beyond... I don't know how Shay conquered a trip to Hawaii with Kensington), so I know it can be done, but still there is fear in the unknown. Will they sleep? Will they scream? Just how much Barney can I handle in a five hour car ride? The answers to those questions and more will come upon our [sure-to-be] glorious return. Wish me luck! (or sanity, rather).

Oh and because Nick told me I had to, here is a picture of the CHAMPIONSHIP Men's E League (or D or Church or whatever league they were) team, taken on Tuesday night after they won back-to-back games for the title. Have you ever seen grown men so happy to be holding a cheap, plastic trophy? I do wonder if they'll pass the possession of it along from team member to team member kind of like the Stanley Cup. Probably not.

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Haley Frederick said...

Have a DVD player will make the journey much easier for Carter. Ryan and I always say it (our DVD player) was the greatest investment we've ever made. Just prepared for what should be a 5 hour trip to be more like 7. If you know that ahead of time, then it won't seem nearly as bad.
Good luck! Oh and welcome to my life. :)