Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Olivia's First Birthday Party

I'll let this picture-riffic post speak for itself.
Except when I use captions.

The Cake & Cupcakes
Thanks to our personal BFG Cake Decorator, Melissa, at Kroger on Lake Forest.

She's always making this face.



Carter loves his Uncle Jeremy.
And balloons.

Olivia apparently needed some help opening gifts.
I think these boys got that covered.

Great friends, The Pittmans & Trey Davis.

I think Aunt Mindi may be more excited about this gift than the birthday girl.

Cousins: Jackson, Grayson & Carter

Brother is a pro at sidewalk chalk.
Sissy is wondering when it will be her turn.
Answer: when you no longer want to eat the chalk.

Mindi & Jackson

And what first birthday party would be complete without a smash cake? Olivia could barely wait for us to finish singing the Happy Birthday song and had no problems digging right in.

Hope you had a blast, sweet birthday girl!


Haley Frederick said...

So cute!

Queen of things green said...

Sorry we had to miss it Lori. Olivia is precious and it looks like she had lots of fun.

Gwlynda Irek said...


Rachel said...

Cakes were cute. Whole deal was precious- including the random neighbors and chili cheese fritos(I love that they're in the cute cake shot). Olivia- you're beautiful! Excited to see you grow up. Thanks for having us- was a great party!