Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lucky Number 7

Nick and I celebrated seven years of marriage, May 17th, 2009.

It seems like FOREVER ago that we were married, but at the same time, if you'll allow me to be cliché, it seems as though it was only yesterday. We've experienced many things in the past seven years (college graduation, jobs in the real world, purchase of our first home and the birth of two precious children), yet I know there is still so much more to experience in the coming years. Here's a picture of us during our first dance as Mr. & Mrs.

For our anniversary, I wanted to do something semi-special, perhaps a nice dinner out that didn't include a drive-thru or the option to super size, and maybe something fun afterwards. So I asked Nick to plan it. His first idea was leaving work early and a night at the Rangers Game. While I'm sure most of you females reading my blog are rolling your eyes at the thought of having to sit through a sporting event on your anniversary and equating that to as much fun as cutting your toenails or cleaning your toilets, the idea is ACTUALLY something I enjoy very much. Normally. However, like I said before, I wanted to do something a little out of the ordinary, so I pushed him to come up with something else. He tried hard researching nice restaurants and getting creative with locations and even made reservations at one place. He was trying so hard, bless his heart, but nothing was coming together like he wanted. In the meantime, I decided that I really did want to go to the game and just hang out with him in one of our most favorite environments (if you really know me, you know how much I love baseball and how much more I love the Texas Rangers, so I'm really not being sarcastic here). We left work early, leasurely strolled through the ballpark, bought some new fan merchandise and enjoyed the game from our fantastic seats in my favorite location. The weather was awesome and the Rangers held on for a victory in the top of the ninth. The game concluded with fireworks, and really, I mean it when I say, it was the perfect date for this simple girl. Here's a picture of us at the game, taken 7 years after the one above:

(You might notice that Nick's nose is a little red here. Poor thing came down with some kind of cold/hacking cough/thought he was dying illness the day before, but he wouldn't let me postpone our date. I drugged him up real well right before the game, and until the drugs wore off in the eighth inning, he was great!)

So to my husband of seven years, thank you for a great date night, and more importantly, thank you for helping me strive daily to be a better wife and mother for you and your children. I love you!

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Haley Frederick said...

That sounds like a pretty great date night to me. Nine times out of 10, simplicity is the way to go!
I can't remember if I told you or not, but happy anniversary! I definitely thought about you guys on that day, but it was a busy one for us. (I had a baby shower that day.) Anyway, you know I love you. You don't need my explanations. :)