Friday, May 8, 2009

9 Months!

Nine months ago today I was in the local hospital recovering from my second c-section that brought our little princess into this world and changed our family from a party of three to a party of four. We had a visit with our favorite pediatrician this morning, and I'm happy to report that Miss Thang is doing quite well. She weighed in at a healthy 21.3 lbs, 29" long, and whatever head size it is that puts you in the 97th percentile for head circumference (which is 29" I think; wait, does that mean that her body is as long as her head is wide? Sheesh!). I snapped this shot of her this morning in the waiting room, because I am a terrible mother and forgot to take one yesterday on her 3/4 year birthday. So just what exactly are you doing these days, Livvy-girl?

  • You've recently learned how to crawl and you've taken off all over the house. The only way we can keep tabs on you is hearing your little hands slap the tile as you peruse the scenery of our abode.

  • You're pulling up on anything and everything that will be still for a few seconds, including your brother, Carter and your furry brothers, Sam & Cisco.

  • Speaking of which, you've also recently become intrigued by the dog feeder/dog food in the pantry which reminds us that we'll have to keep that door shut 24/7 until you learn your boundaries. You haven't consumed any Pedigree yet, but mommy knows it's only a matter of time.

  • You love many foods your brother would never touch, including green beans. You're so over the pureed baby food stage and enjoy feeding yourself even if that requires a bath after each meal.

  • You hate laying on your back (unless it's in your crib with a bottle at bedtime). All other times, you flip over before we can stop you and on more than one occasion, we've been forced to get you dressed while on your stomach or sitting on your knees. Not an easy feat if you ask me.

  • You squeal to show your likes & dislikes, which was cute at first. But now I think you've learned that it's an excellent way to get the attention of a big person. The louder the better.

  • And last, but certainly not least, you bring joy into our lives on a daily basis. We knew what it was like to love a son, and you're showing us how much fun it is to love a daughter with a strong, spunky personality.


The Shull Family said...

She's so precious!!! I love this age!

Jeni said...

Hey girl, I'm glad you found me :) I'm adding you to my blog now too! Such a precious family you have! Oh and Jackson's shirt is a Luna B Tee, google it...they have tons of cute stuff for little girls too!! See ya soon.

Allison Alecu said...

I do believe that "strong, spunky personality" comes from her mama...:)

Leslie said...

She is soo precious!! Look at that grin!

abby said...

She's too cute for words! you better hope that was 29 centimeters and not inches or the girl will NEVER learn to walk. :)