Friday, November 12, 2010

30 for the 30th

<--------------------  Today is this guy's 30th birthday!  In honor of Nick, I thought I would list thirty reasons I love, appreciate and enjoy my husband.

(in no particular order)
1. He is, hands down, the most generous person I know.  Be it an extra dollar at a store to donate to such-and-such cause to letting someone borrow a possession he really loves to anything in between.

2. Carter & Olivia; they're ours because of him.

3. He loves me no matter what and without cause.

4. We have completely different interests, and that is okay with him.  Because of this...

5. He doesn't make me watch tv shows or movies I don't want to simply because he does.

6. I've always been comfortable around him, in any situation (which is saying a whole lot since we met when we were dorky, insecure teenagers).

7. His great sense of humor.

8. And his obnoxious, yet terribly infectious, laugh.

9. He's never too proud to admit his weaknesses.

10. And he is very proud of his strengths, and rightly so.

11. When interested in the subject matter, he can educate himself and become an expert on just about anything.

12. He's "outside-the-box" when I'm stuck inside.

13. The way he's starting to get a few silver hairs (which bothers him to no end); I secretly kind of like it.

14. He has no qualms whatsoever with the way I spend our money.

15. How excited he gets teaching Carter about comic book characters.

16. His budding skills as a hair stylist to our little girl.

17. He can argue with the best of them, but is never too proud to admit when he's wrong.

18. He genuinely loves his mother and would do anything for her.

19. He would do anything for my mom, too.

20. The way he mispronounces the word "wrestle" and has now taught our children to do the same thing.

21. And the fact that he wrestles with our children almost every day.  And how much they love him for it.

22. He understands that, sometimes, Mama just needs some alone time, and he never denies me of it.

23. His knowledge of the Bible and his heart for God.

24. I never have to mop the kitchen floor because he always does.

25. He mows the lawn, too.

26. The way he can go through ten different shirts and four pair of pants frustratingly getting ready and always comes out on the other side looking so handsome.

27. He makes tough decisions for our family so that I don't have to.

28. He still doesn't know what he wants to be when he "grows up" yet he's currently doing something he loves and is really good at.

29. He could eat the same meal over and over again and doesn't complain when he has to.

30. I get to grow old with him.

Happy 30th Birthday, honey!  Carter, Olivia & I are truly blessed to call you ours.



Sheaffer, Chris, Scout, and baby Carter said...

Awwwww! I LOVE this post!

The Shull Family said...

So sweet!! I love this post too! Happy Birthday Nick Eason!

Anonymous said...

I don't mispronounce "Wrestle"...there are just two different types. Greco-roman Wrestling and WWE wraslin'. So there!

Marcy Gloeckler said...

You two are adorable! Happy Birthday Nick!

Haley said...

That was cute. And I could totally hear him saying "wraslin" when you wrote that one. Too funny!

Also, if you could send him up to KC to mop my floors, I would be forever grateful. :)

Happy birthday Nick! I'm so glad you married my roommate. :)