Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Returning to Normal

So we've officially been back from Disney World for a month.  I'm sure everyone has given up on me actually posting pictures from our trip, even though I've still had a couple of friends ask about them.  I think I finally got real with myself on why it was taking me so long to post them and came up with this conclusion:

I didn't want to admit that it was really over.  

I know, cheesy as that may sound, but truly, the vacation was the best I've ever had (as an adult or a child).  It was the first of ours as a family and I want to remember it forever.  When you're there, your world comes to a halt, and you're so engrossed on the magic Walt created.  You forget about everything else, or at least I did.  But then I realized, all good things must come to an end, so I, too, must get real and move on.  All that to say that the post(s) are coming.  I promise.  Like today, hopefully.  If not today, then definitely tomorrow.

And speaking of moving on, boy has our life been moving quickly since we returned from vacation.  Time seems to be moving at warp speed these days, and I can hardly keep up (hence the super-long bloggie absence lately).   I've been crazy busy with work, having been to an all-day coaches show in Arlington, a two-day Rawlings corporate event at Cowboys Stadium (complete with private tour!)* and even to a four day coaches show in San Antonio (no kids allowed!).  And that was all in a 7 day period!

But we are back in the swing now, with school & work & church & our normal activities, and I'm pretty sure life is returning to normal.  And I think I like it.


*post coming "soon" (such a relative term over here at Everyday Eason, I've learned.)

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Courtney Willis said...

Looking forward to the pics! I want to go to Disney World too now!!!