Monday, January 11, 2010

Conversations with a Three Year Old

Carter: "Mom, did we see turtles when we went to the cuerigan?"*

Me: "Yes, we did.  Did you like them?"

Carter: "Yes, but they weren't my favorite.  My favorite was the gamingos."**

Me: "Oh yes, I liked those too."

Carter: "Mom, what was your favorite fish?"

Me: "Um... Nemo, I liked the Nemo fish."

Carter: "No Mom, your favorite was the jellyfish."

Me: "Oh okay, yes, those were my favorite."

Carter: "And sissy's favorite was the peanut butter fish."

Me: (Laughing hysterically trying not to run the car off the road)

* cuerigan = aquarium
**gamingos = flamingos