Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Big Kids, Big Beds

When Carter was 20 months old, one month before he became a big brother, we transitioned him from a crib to a "big boy bed" aka a toddler bed. Since we were moving him early, we weren't ready to switch him to a twin or full bed right out of the crib, so we bought a toddler bed from TRU. He climbed right into in the first night we tried, and we didn't have any problems with getting in, falling out, or staying asleep (until about 6 months later, but that was more of a stubborn-2-year-old-asserting-his-independence issue more than anything to do with the actual bed).

Fast forward 18 months.  We knew that Olivia would soon be transitioning out of a crib and into a "big girl bed" and Carter was naturally outgrowing the toddler bed that once looked so large for his tiny body.  So, being that the bedrooms in our house are only slightly larger than most broom closets yet we still wanted room for friends to sleepover in the years to come, we decided that we would get Carter bunk beds and Olivia would get yet another hand-me-down (poor deprived second child) and use the toddler bed.

Once JaJa found out we were looking to buy bunk beds, he began looking as well.  Only instead of finding some beds for us on the cheap, he found a kit/plans to make them himself.  He graciously offered to make bunk beds for his youngest grandson, and we, very graciously, accepted.  We expected some nice, wooden, well-made bunks, which we did get, but what we didn't expect was all the precious thought, meticulous craftsmanship, and genuine LOVE that went into making these for Carter.  Everything from the modified plans, making the beds lower and better suited for the small bedroom, to the larger width ladder, enabling mommy/daddy time on the top bunk, to all the extra work involved, allowing the beds to exist as two separate twin beds down the line.  And he made the whole process seem as though he was simply ironing a shirt or fixing a sandwich.  Nana joined in on the fun too, and ran out and bought the mattresses, sheets sets and accessories so that the beds would be ready for use upon immediate completion.  Which they are.  Complete.    Here, I'll let you see for yourself.

(Side note: Carter's whole room will be redecorated with a new paint color, new bedding, and better toy storage, which I, of course, will blog about.  But I couldn't wait until then to show off the beds, so even though the beds are awesome, the rest of his room? Not so much... yet.)

This is the bed in Dave & Gwlynda's garage, the day before he brought them over.  Also Carter's first time to see them.

Though you can't really tell in this picture, he was stoked!

No more toddler bed. :-(

Custom installation...

They fit so perfectly.

So excited!

Also, as we were clearing out Carter's room to make space for the bunks, Nick & Michael (Thanks!) moved the toddler bed to Olivia's room.  Although I could have sworn I got a picture of it, all I can find are three pictures Carter took, which are basically blurred images of Olivia's head.  I will get a picture of my big girl in her new bed though.  Promise!

My babies are growin' up.  Sigh.

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