Monday, December 21, 2009

Kids & Santa, Part 2

Sigh.  At least it's better than last year.  I'm happy to report that Carter's fear of Santa that once plagued us is now completely gone.  I'm sad to say that apparently, Olivia inherited it.  I think she was okay until that very last minute when she was propelled into the lap of a stranger while mommy and daddy quickly backed away and began to command her to smile.  Yeah, right.  At least Carter had a blast.  I started preparing him on Friday night that we were going to see Santa the next day, and he needed to tell Santa what he wanted him to bring him on Christmas morning.  Carter was quick to request three things: a music box, Play-doh, and bubbles, but Carter said that I had to be the one to tell Santa. (Side note: I think Santa is going to have to make a last minute trip to Target before Friday even though Santa was done with all his Christmas shopping.)  Anyway, Carter was insistent that I be the one to deliver the request, so in an effort not to permanently scar the kid from Santa visits gone bad, I told him I would.  After I saved my daughter from the lap of this awful stranger, I began to tell Santa what Carter wanted for Christmas, then much to my delight, Santa informed me that Carter had already told him.  Santa really IS magical.

My camera battery was pretty much dead, so I was only able to snag a couple of extra pictures of our experience, though I did take some sub-par photos with my cell phone.

Looking intently on the reindeer.  She called it a dog.

Donner.  Or Blitzen.  Not sure which.  Heck, for all I know, his name could really be Fred.

Good perspective from a three feet tall three year old, I must say.

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