Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All I Want for Christmas Is... Mommy.

That was the theme of our visit with Santa this past weekend. On a scale of 1-10, I'd pin Carter's excitement at about a 4. He was probably happier to see the reindeer than he was to see the big guy himself, but we perservered and now we have proof of just how attached he is to me these days. (That outreached arm is from Santa having just peeled him off my hip, and the word coming from his crying mouth is "Mom-my"). The funny thing is that as soon as he was out of Santa's lap and holding my hand again, he smiled and said Thank You to Santa for the coloring book he gave him. We've never actually had Carter's picture taken with Santa before now, so I'm glad his first is so excellent. At least Olivia isn't crying. She even took a few of Santa's beard hairs with her as a souvenir.

Two of Santa's Best, Donner & Blitzen (or so they say)

This is me trying to get Carter pumped about Santa. He's still not so sure about it.

And one more for good measure... I love that shirt.


Haley Frederick said...

Poor Carter! We actually got a picture of Eva with Santa- ish tonight. It took me, her aunt, and her grandmother to be in the picture with her before she would at least look at the camera and not stare down Santa. At least Carter has good manners!!! So sweet. Hope you guys have a good Christmas!

Lorin said...

Hahahaha, ohhh, I LOVE that picture of them with Santa!! That's priceless.