Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Rock On

I was going to post a little video of Carter "playing" the guitar. However, thanks to its apparently large file size, blogger was not cooperating with me, so you'll have to settle for a couple of still photos instead. Nick is most proud that Carter holds the guitar correctly. He even asked me the other day how early he could start teaching Carter to play for real. Hold on there Dad, one thing at a time: let's conquer the potty first.

P.S. I'm happy to report that Carter has had a haircut and [several] baths since these pictures were taken. Sheesh! Who let my kid get this dirty?


brandonandmandycox said...

i love how his eyes are closed (at least they look closed)... such a serious musician! :)

Haley Frederick said...

Cuteness! And don't worry, my kid hasn't had a bath in like 3 days! Yikes! Tomorrow's the day.

Also, I may put you on speed dial when I start sewing the bedding. :)

Courtney Willis said...

I see a budding musician aching to come out! You should be able to retire early and live it up in the mansion he will get for you guys!