Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pierced Ears

After much debating in my own head, I finally decided that I wanted to get Olivia's ears pierced. (Turns out I should have asked Nick about it much sooner, because he was all for it right from the start.) Anyway, we went to the pediatrician's office this morning, and now our little baby is sporting some bling that wasn't there before. She was most upset about all the fuss the nurse was making to get the marks in just the right spot, but once the deed was done, she was back to her normal, smiling, thumb-sucking, tired self.

Before, playing with the baby in the mirror:

The trauma of the felt-tipped marker is over:

The real action begins:

All done:

Better now, almost a smile:


Misty said...

I got Sloan's ears when she was 2 months old at her pediatricians office. It was way more traumatic for me than for her but she looked so cute! So glad I did it when she was little...you will be too! She looks precious!

Grace Family said...

oh adorable! but that one big tear falling down the cheek just kills me... she'll never remember though, so good decision! if i end up with a girl this time around we'll definitely be doing that too!

abby said...

Leah won't be getting her ears peirced til she can drive there herself!! I'm so strict!! :-) Cute pictures...

Jonathan McAnally said...

I remember when Lilly got her ears pierced, at 6 months old. The pain lasted for a very short time, then all is good.