Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jumping into the 3's

I realized I never posted about Carter's birthday party last week. Here's the abbreviated version:
  • It was a blast!
  • We had it here.
  • Enjoy the photos!

Super excited!! Hit the ground running.

Livvy and her twinkie, Brendan, hanging out in the toddler-safe zone.

Even Gigi joined in on the fun!

Nana made sure Olivia had fun too.

Gracie whooped up on this obstacle course.


Are there really three candles on that cupcake?

Nathan was a tad upset that the hat was only for the birthday boy, but luckily, Carter shared.

I wonder what it says about my son's personality that he got two of these tool sets.

Jaja, Carter & NanaAunt Mindi LOVES to feed my children exuberant amounts of sugar... then send them back home with me.

The ONE thing he asked for: a bouncy ball.

Two Willis Women & Aunt Hope

The Bruners

"I'm Bat-man."


The Shull Family said...

Such a big boy! What boy doesn't need a bouncy ball????

Haley Frederick said...

Fun stuff! And I'm loving your shirt! :)